Original Films


We specialize in impact. Our Brilliant Films have all the storytelling, drama, and emotion of feature length films, but are thirty seconds to five minutes long.


Ever watched a trailer that made you feel like you just watched the whole movie? Yeah, we do that. Film trailers, documentaries, and guerilla storytelling? Yeah, we do that.


If a movie gives you a world of feeling in two minutes, that's a Brilliant Film!

Corporate Services


We provide the full range of support for your corporate film needs. Commercials, photo shoots, YouTube ready videos, training videos, and more. Find out how a film house can make your commercials sparkle. A 30 second commercial shouldn't make your audience tune out... it should Brilliantly capture their attention! 

Wedding Movies


Consider upgrading to a Brilliant Film for your wedding film! You could have a custom movie showing the highlights of your wedding to beautiful music that your friends will actually ENJOY watching! A wedding creates some unforgettable memories, and all the joy of your special day can be captured in a Brilliant Film and be yours forever!